Volunteering in Yegyamati Secondary School in Kapan

Ludovica Oria        July 10, 2018


Strathavem Academy Yagymati

Date of visiting: 24 to 26 of June

Team name: Strathavem Academy team 1

Lhasso Adventure started partnering with World Challenge and Mother and Children Art Foundation since 2009, hosting teams from different parts of the world to do community project in Nepal. Lhasso Adventure will provide you a life changing volunteering experience, with over 9 years of experience in organizing volunteering trips all over Nepal, to create educational programs and improving life conditions. We provide 24-hr operational support to teams, thanks to expertise and high standards.

Volunteering in Nepal can be the perfect combination between helping whom in needs and experienced amazing trekking in the tallest peaks in the world.

The team aforementioned lived for three days within the community of the school, while helping them to rebuilt part of the classroom, teaching English at the students and playing with the children.

At their arrival the team was welcome by students and teachers, flowers necklace were given together with the Red tika on their forehead. Following the headmaster of the school gave a small speech about the school.

The goals that the team decided to pursuit during the stay were about the ground leveling, painting the walls of the meeting hall and bring white cement for the new buildings. During the work days at the school the group also decided to go to a little shop, 20 minutes from the school, to buy extra materials to help their work. At the end of their staying the amazing team was able to complete the meeting hall, half of the ground leveling and to fill two rooms with the cement.

Moreover, the instruments bought by the team were left at the school to be used for the next team. After the physicals works at the school, the team visited the typical Market, they taught English at the students and attended cooking class with locals. To conclude their stay a farewell ceremony was held and the team was able to share their thoughts and memories during their experience.

The community will beneficial a lot from the help brought from the team, as now more suitable classrooms were created for the students.

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